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Hi!  I’m KY Stovall and I’d love to be your family photographer!

I started in weddings, capturing the singular beauty of the union between a bride and a groom.

When one of my first wedding couples became pregnant, I was honored by their invitation to take their Maternity Pictures.

That session was a revelation for me for two important reasons.

First, I wasn’t simply being asked to record a personal moment but I was actually crafting a visual biography of a family’s generational history.  And second, the work I had done as a wedding photographer was just the beginning.

That session was almost ten years ago and Atlanta Babyworks is literally the offspring of my award winning Wedding Photography Business.

Family Photography has become my own personal life lesson in Continuity.  From round baby bellies to two-weeks new and the terrific-twos to graduating high school seniors, I have endeavored to playfully and artistically document each precious landmark.

Now, when I take pictures of my little clients, I take them with the same expectation as a parent.  I try to infuse my craft with all of my joy and patience; knowing, as any parent does, that I’m taking pictures of future greatness.

The photographs I’ve proudly displayed on this site are beautiful reminders of the progression of my career.  And I hope you invite me to join you as your own family grows.

My Very Best Regards,

KY Stovall